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Mahkota Tri Angjaya / PT. Mahkota Tri Angjaya. Kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di indonesia, beauty eyelashes, yang bertempat di Purbalingga (eyelashes purbalingga).

kami adalah manufacture eyelashes di Indonesia, bertempat di purbalingga . kami menghasilkan bermacam-macam eyelashes yang unik dan beautiful , anda juga dapat memesan pesanan anda sesuai yang anda inginkan . if you find a beauty eyelashes , you can contact us for information.

Welcome to mata-lashes.com

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Indonesia Eyelashes Manufacture

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"Fabulous at the First Sight"

About Us

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Established in 31 December 2008, we commenced production initially only with 20 employees working in a building of 641 m2 and land of 2,595 m2. There were only 5 staffs and manual production equipment. Still, it did not preclude us from developing. As years passed by, we continue developing. At that time, departed from the hard work and determination possessed by owner, manager, staffs, and employees, we proceed from CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap - Partnership) into PT (Private Corporation) and changed our name into PT. Mahkota Tri Angjaya (MATA).


A world-class company in the field of eyelashes business by empowering employee skills, integrity, professionalism, and team work for giving on time excellent service, continuous improvement and innovation to customers.


  1. To provide competitive eyelashes by giving priority to on time excellent services, continuous improvement  and innovation.
  2. To improve competency of human resources in accordance with the job functions, integrity and professionalism and develop powerful management.
  3. To increase company long term value through investment in people.
  4. To perform a good corporate governance.
  5. To give added values to customers, shareholders, employees and public in line with the company's growth.


mata-lashes eyelashes purbalingga

13-15 NOVEMBER 2019

on Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)


See you there..
Contact us for booth number..

Contact Us

Head Office and Factory
Jl. S. Parman Km.2 Purbalingga, 53315
Central Java - Indonesia
Phone     : +62-281 891635 / +62-281 891917
Fax          : +62-281 891688

President Director - Yonathan Adiguna
Email      : yonathanadiguna@mata-lashes.com
Mobile   : +6281214461120

Asia & Australia  : asia@mata-lashes.com
Europe                 : europe@mata-lashes.com
America               : america@mata-lashes.com
Africa                   : africa@mata-lashes.com
Indonesia            : indonesia@mata-lashes.com


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Tough Exporter Achievement

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PT Mahkota Tri Angjaya would like to proudly inform that we just won Eksportir Tangguh (Tough Exporter) program as the first winner in small and medium enterprises category. This program was followed by 33companies from 16 regencies and cities consisted of 13 large companies and also20 small and medium companies.Eksportir Tangguh program is officially held by Industry and Trade Department of Central Java province. The goal of this program is definitely to improve export capacity on non-oil and... Read More

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