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Why Ecofriendly is important ?

PT MATA has been conducting such an eco-friendly campaign.

It enables to reduce waste and promote the reusing and recycling of waste products significantly.

We believe that using eco-friendly products will preserve our beloved planet and all its inhabitants from the harmful effects of human activities

Green the future, beauty gets its nature!

PT MATA, in fact, has started using human hair and PBT as biodegradable material in producing eyelashes since 2008. As specialized in human hair and PBT lashes, we commit to keep using biodegradable materials and give more values in selling good quality of products made with real human hair.

PT MATA has been dedicated to use 100% recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate).

We have been using good quality recycled PET supplied by such reliable supplier for lash tray production. Customers’ demands to prefer purchasing lash tray products made with recycled PET material are getting higher in line with our major commitment not to harmful the environment.

PT MATA has been fully committing to implement forest sustainable program in purpose of minimizing the impact of climate change. In line with the commitment, we continuously conduct strict selection to our suppliers regarding with their certification of forest sustainability and propose to customers to use brown kraft packaging paper material considering of the natural, biodegradable and compostable characteristics.

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